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8 Most Efficient Solar Panels Brands in Australia

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Are you looking to but a Residential Solar system or Commercial Solar System? Read through our guide to find the most efficient solar panel brands in Australia

“Which is the most efficient solar panel?” This is one of the most asked questions in Australia. The reason behind this is that finding the right solar panel for your home or even for office has become quite challenging these days in Australia.

We understand that and that’s the reason why we have come up with a fresh list of best solar panels that are highly efficient, reliable, and value for money. So, whether you are looking to buy a new solar panel or to upgrade an existing one, here is what you need to know-

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Let’s have a look at Australia’s best solar panels you should go for in 2019:

Jinko Solar panels

JinkoSolar is a China-based company that provides solar panels for international utility, residential and commercial purposes even in Australia. Being one of the leading solar panel providers, JinkoSolar claims that their solar panels have certified modules and can easily stand strong during heavy wind loads and snow loads.

  • When it comes to efficiency, Jinko is definitely one solar panel to be considered
  • Also, Jinko Solar is considered as a market leader in this industry so it has been providing solar panels for years now and even to various countries across the world including Australia
  • The company claims to give around 10 years of product and 25 years of performance warranty
  • Jinko solar panels become a cost efficient option if you have a broader roof space

TIP : Don’t compare the prices of Jinko solar panels with different solar panel providers as the rate might differ in the service they provide, their industry age, and much more.

LG Solar Panels

LG is another leading solar panel providers in Australia. Over 30 years, LG has been providing high-quality solar panels and giving a tight competition to the other solar panel providers. The solar panels by LG are manufactured in South Korea and are available in wide range to choose from.

Why should you go for LG solar panels?

LG solar panels are best because:

  • Similar to Jinko solar panels, LG solar panels are highly efficient and have stronger framing that gives tight fight during high winds and snow winds
  • Also, when it comes to wind loading, it is higher in LG solar panels
  • LG solar panels come with around 25 years of warranty which includes removal and reinstallation of panels as well (this is not seen in most other solar panels)

TIP : If you have already finalized LG solar panels, don’t compare the prices of LG solar panels with others as they vary differently based on the other equipments used during installation.

Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian solar panels are often considered in Australia’s top solar panels. Canadian solar panels are served in Australia for more than 19 years now and hence, remains one of the leading solar panel manufacturing company. When it comes to efficiency, Canadian falls into the standard category, but that does not mean that it is very less efficient. Now, the performance of Canadian solar panels is quite high. Unlike Jinko and LG, Canadian solar panels have a standard 10-year warranty. So, the question is-

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Why should you go for Canadian solar panels?

Choose Canadian solar panels when-

  • You are not looking for super-efficient solar panels and the lower ones can go perfectly well for your requirements
  • Cost is also a concern for you when investing in solar panels as they are comparatively less priced
  • The performance of the solar panels matters the most to you

TIP : If you are looking for less costly solar panels with ultimate performance, go for Canadian solar panels as cost gives a huge benefit over efficiency.

Q Cell Solar Panels

Q Cell is another solar panel brand from China that manufactures solar panels in China, South Korea and Malaysia and serves solar panels in Australia. The brand offers 12 years of warranty for their solar panels provided in Australia and unlike LG solar panels, Q Cell does not offer warranty for removal and reinstallation of panels. Q Cell gives a tight competition to the above leaders in performance as it is solid. Also, efficiency and product stability are excellent.

Why should you go for Q Cell Solar Panels?

You should choose Q Cell solar panels when-

  • You are looking for more than a 10-year investment as Q Cell solar panels are quite expensive.
  • You do not want to compromise on the efficiency and performance of the solar panels

TIP : If you want to see a justified ROI on your solar panels, consider buying Q Cell for at least 15-20 years of investment as they are extremely efficient but costly.

REC Solar Panels

Another leading solar panel brand in Australia is REC Group that manufactures the solar panels in Singapore but has been a renowned name in Australia. The efficiency of REC solar panels is good enough. This Australian solar panel brand offers around 20 years of warranty that does not include removal and reinstallation of panels.

Why should you go for REC solar panels?

Choose REC solar panel brand in Australia when-

  • You are not looking for the premium solar panel brands
  • The efficiency and the performance of the solar panels can be compromised when it comes to cost
  • You have a strict budget

TIP : REC solar panels work best when you choose the right model with the right price.

Trina Solar Panels

Trina is a solar panel brand providing high-quality solar panels in Australia for years now. With the warranty of just 10 years, Trina solar panels lead when it comes to panel power production capabilities. One of the most reliable solar panels in Australia, Trina solar panels are made stronger enough to wind loads and snow loads.

Why should you go for Trina solar panels?

Originated from China, Trina solar panels are equally popular in Australia because of-

  • The efficiency of the solar panels which is of the standard category
  • The competition the brand is giving to the market leaders
  • The cost is quite low looking at the efficiency obtained

TIP : Trina solar panels are best with PV modules.

GCL Solar Panels

GCL is manufacturing solar panels for over 20 years now. Talking about the efficiency and performance of the GCL solar panels, they are of the standard category. But, when you consider pricing, GCL solar panels are cost-efficient.

Why should you go for GCL solar panels?

GCL solar panels are not so popular solar panels compared to the ones mentioned above, but if you want to give it a try, here is why you should-

  • GCL solar panels are low priced compared to the market leaders
  • Efficiency and performance remain good as they give competition to the leaders

TIP : If you are looking to experience Jinko, LG, and Canadian solar panels in the lower budget, GCL is the perfect option.

ET Solar Panels

Not so popular like GCL, but one of the most reliable solar panel manufacturers is ET Solar. The company claims that ET solar panels are quite efficient and meet the needs of residential, commercial, and utility customers.

Why should you choose ET solar panels?

ET solar panels are-

  • Cost-effective
  • Mid-level performance oriented
  • Reliable

TIP : When you are too pressed with the budget, choose ET solar panels.

Bonus Tip

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Make sure you don’t make hasty decisions while selecting the best solar panel brand in Australia.

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