10kW Solar System

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Light up your Premises with Modern 10kW Solar Power System

Our powerful 10kW solar power system can efficiently handle the energy needs of a large family or small business. 10kW Solar power system is a great investment for your business or household. With a high-quality inverter and 40 Tier-I monocrystalline solar panels, the 10kW solar power system provides seamless output without fail, irrespective of the weather. So, why don’t you shift from the conventional energy source? reduce your power bill and keep your premises powered without worrying about grid outages. 10kW solar power system is a beneficial investment for anyone looking for a big residential solar power system or small commercial solar power system. Smart House Solar will get you the best price for 10kW solar power system.

We have CEC- certified solar installers; our solar panels have 25 years’ performance warranty and 10 years’ workmanship warranty plus you get a 5 years’ warranty on the solar inverter. With the great government rebates NOW is the best time to get your 10kW solar power system installed. A typical 10kW setup generates up to 40-44 kWh a day.

The solar power products depend a lot on the geographical location, places like Darwin will produce much more solar power compared to Brisbane. The 10kW solar power system is best for you if your per day consumption is high, 10kW Solar power system can power your home or business.

More about 10kW Solar Power System Salient Features of 10kW Solar Power System

  • CEC-approved solar panels, inverter and components
  • Professional installation by certified electricians and technicians
  • First-grade panels and inverters by top global solar manufacturers
  • Long-term performance warranty and excellent solar panel installation and maintenance support in Brisbane and all of Queensland

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Technical Specifications for a 10kW Solar Power System

  • Solar Panels: 40×330 Watt High-quality Monocrystalline Solar Panels (Tier-I)
  • Inverter: 10 kW inverter by reputed manufacturer & recommended by CEC-accredited technicians
  • Mounting & Electrical Kits: Mounting & Electrical kits as per Australian Standards

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  • How many panels 10kW Solar Power System will have?

    Our powerful 10kW Solar Power System can efficiently handle the energy needs of a big houses or small businesses. With a high-quality 10kW inverter and 44 X 300w solar panels or 40 X 330w solar panels, effectively you get a 13.2 kW of solar power system at a very competitive price.

  • How much do 10kW Solar Power Systems cost?

    A typical 10kW Solar Power System price will range anywhere between $7500 – $9000 for a standard metropolitan installation. Standard metro installation comprises of installation done in a metro area on a single storey house with a tin roof. Price of a 10kW Solar Power System will vary for regional installations and also for installations on a double or multi-storey house or on a house with a tile, decramastic roof.

    A typical 10kW Solar Power System price will also vary depending on the brand of panels or inverter.

  • How much roof space required for a 10kW Solar Power System?

    Dimension of a 330w solar panel is 1.675m X 1m, therefore it will occupy around 1.675 sqm of space. 40 such panels will occupy a total space of approximately 67 sqm. Depending on roof type, roof dimension and capacity of panels, it is always advisable to calculate an extra bit of space. Hence, around 75-80 sqm of space will be required to install a 10kW Solar Power System.

  • How much power will a 10kW Solar Power System generate?

    There are various factors that affects the output of a solar power system, viz location of the property, shadow from the trees and buildings around the property, climatic condition, weather condition, orientation of the panels, wear and tear etc. Considering a yearly average, a typical 10kW Solar Power System is expected to generate around 40kW – 44kW per day.

  • What’s the average payback period of 10kW Solar Power System?

    Average payback period from a 10kW Solar Power System can range anywhere between 3 to 5 years. There are few factors that decides the payback period like usage during sunshine hours, type of electrical equipment used in the house, number of members in the house etc. A simple rule to minimise your payback period is to maximise the use of solar power as compared to the power from the electricity grid.

  • How much savings can I expect from 10kW Solar Power System?

    A 10kW Solar Power System for your home or your small business is an advantage as it reduces your electricity bills to a considerable extent and also reduces your dependency on the power supply from the grid. It is also considered as a long-term investment as the average life cycle of a solar power system is considered to be between 10-15 years.

    Considering an average daily power generation of 40kW in a day and assuming that you pay 25c tariff to your electricity company, a 10kW Solar Power System can help you to save $10 per day if you consume the entire power generated by the solar system. In this case, your yearly saving will be around $3650. However, in practical scenario the entire power generated by the solar system is not consumed and transferred back to the grid, for which you are entitled to get the benefit of feed in tariff at a rate of around 10c. In such cases, your yearly saving will reduce to the extent the power is not consumed by you and sent back to the electricity grid. In short, if you consume solar power, you save 25c (rate at which you are billed) and if you are not able to consume solar power, you save 10c (feed in tariff rate).

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