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*This Solar System Promotion is available for standard metropolitan based installations only. Price is after Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) have been assigned to SMART HOUSE SOLAR Pty Ltd or its agents. Any additional extras including but not limited to double storey, roof type, meter box upgrades or three phase power, may attract additional charges. ^Credit provided by Brighte Capital Pty Ltd (ABN 74 609 165 906). Australian Credit License Number 508217. Approved applicants only. Minimum finance amount $1,000. All applications are subject to Brighte’s credit approval criteria. T&C’s apply.

T&C’s apply.

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Offer Strictly Valid Till 31st Dec only.!!

  • 415W High-Efficiency Tier 1 Solar Panels
  • 5kW Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Inverter
  • Installation by CEC Accredited Electrician
  • 25 Years Panels Warranty
  • 10 Years Inverter Warranty
  • Start To End Seamless Process Experience


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Smart House Solar is 2021 & 2022 Product Review Award Winner Solar Power Company serving in the whole of Queensland and New South Wales. We have rated 4.8 Stars out of 5 by more than 400+ Queenslanders for enhancing the satisfaction levels of our customers with quality products, installations, and prompt after-sales service.

Proven Quality Products:

Quality of products, as well as services, are of top-most importance to us. We believe quality can’t be compromised at any cost.

Competitive Pricing:

We aim to be competitive in our prices for the level of quality we deliver. Quality comes at a cost and there is no substitute for it.

Flexible Finance Options:

We have flexible finance options available for our customers with $0 upfront so you can repay from your savings on your electricity bills.

Seamless Start To End Process:

We offer seamless start to end process experience for our customers which makes solar system purchase easy, simple & quicker by holding their hand at every stage.

Unbeatable After Sales Care:

We have a dedicated team of customer service which takes care of all the after-sales issues and aim to resolve it as soon as possible. That’s what made us achieve a 4.8 stars rating from more than 400+ Queenslanders and the prestigious 2021 & 2022 Product Review Award.


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solar panels installers queensland

Solar Panels Gympie

Long and warm summers in Gympie makes solar panel installations the best option to save on high electricity costs. Short and clear winters in Gympie adds a better perspective to opt for solar panels to maximize your returns from the solar panels. Gympie receives more than 5 hours of daily sunlight on an average, therefore, a typical 6.6kW solar panel system in Gympie is expected to generate around 30kW. This means, lesser time frame to recover your investment in solar and reap the benefits of solar free of cost after you achieve break-even.

Solar Installers Gympie

Solar installers in Gympie keep themselves updated on the latest trends in solar market so that the people do not miss out of the benefits of solar. Constant training, research and gaining knowledge from the solar installers in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, sharpen the skills of solar installers in Gympie. Quality solar installations ensure better efficiency and longevity of the solar system and thereby producing better returns.

Solar Systems Gympie

Sub-tropical climate of Gympie is very suitable for solar systems to generate more energy throughout the year. Location of Gympie plays a vital role in optimum generation of power from the solar systems as the amount of sunlight received in Gympie helps in more power generation. Solar systems in Gympie achieves good production with the locational as well as climatic advantage.

Solar Companies Gympie

Are you looking for the best solar company in Gympie? With a constant increase in demand of solar panel systems, lot of solar companies are providing their services in Gympie. Smart House Solar is the best solar companies in Gympie. Being, one of the best solar companies in Gympie and the entire state of Queensland, we design tailor-made solar system packages suited to meet the energy requirements of the customers. We also keep in mind their budgets so that they can rely on solar to reduce their electricity costs to the maximum extent. we keep ourselves updated with the latest solar products available in the market and provide high standard service with the installations performed by the licenced installers. If you are looking for the best solar company in Gympie, dial 1300 650 747 to experience the best of our services.

Solar Deals Gympie

Solar deals in Gympie are bit costlier than the solar deals in Brisbane. Per kW price of solar system in the Sunshine Coast is expected to be around $1000 - $1300 mark. However, the price of the solar panel system varies depending on the quality and brands. Get the best of solar deals in Gympie by visiting or by calling us on 1300 650 747.

Solar Retailers Gympie

There are number of solar retailers are available in Gympie to choose from for your solar system requirement. However, Smart House Solar understands your solar requirement and provides the best tailor-made solar solution to you based on analysing your energy consumption pattern. Smart House Solar has been awarded with the Product Review Award-2021 won by its constant effort to satisfy the customers with quality solar products and installations. We do not want you to miss out on the best solar deals offered by us in Gympie. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us through any of the medium provided above to enlighten your house with the best solar solution specifically designed for you.

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  • 10.3kW
    Solar System

  • Medium to Big Family Home
  • Save Up To $2000 to $3500* Annually
  • 25 X 415W Latest Tier 1 Solar Panels
  • 8kW Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Inverter
  • Installation by CEC Accredited Electricians
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  • 6.6kw
    Solar System

  • Standard Family Home
  • Save Up to $1000 - $2500* Annually
  • 16 X 415W Latest Tier 1 Solar Panels
  • 5kW Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Inverter
  • Latest Technology Half-Cell Solar Panels
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  • 13.2kW
    Solar System

  • Bigger Family Home
  • Save Up to $3000 - $4500* Annually
  • 32 X 415W Latest Tier 1 Solar Panels
  • 10kw Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Inverter
  • Latest Technology Half-Cell Solar Panels
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*Performance figures are just an estimation figures based on Clean Energy Council Guidelines and will vary from property to property. Actual savings may vary according to your location, weather / climate conditions, the direction, pitch or angle of your roof, or any shading or obstruction of your property as well as network export limitations. Speak to our consultant in order to make well-informed decision.

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Is solar a good investment in Gympie?

Gympie, being located to the north of Sunshine Coast, is blessed with abundant sunshine which is the primary requirement for a solar panel system to generate adequate power to bring down the electricity cost to minimal.

Apart from adequate sunshine, being close to Sunshine Coast, Gympie gets advantage of latest technologies and experienced solar installers making solar panel system in Gympie an inevitable choice.

Be it your home or business in Gympie, best option is to go for a solar panel system rather than dependent on costly electricity from the grid, because of the advantage of abundant sunshine, government solar incentives & feed in tariff, latest technology and competitive price and so far has been proved to be a very good investment.

How much does solar cost in Gympie?

A typical 6.6kW solar panel system in Gympie will range anywhere between $3700 – $5200 for a standard installation. Standard installation comprises of installation done on a single storey house with a tin roof. Price of a 6.6kW Solar Power System will vary for installations on a double or multi-storey house or on a house with a tile, decramastic roof. 6.6kW Solar Power System price will also vary depending on the brand of panels or inverter.

How much can you save by installing solar power in Gympie?

Gympie is considered as one of the best places for solar panel system installation as it has abundant sunshine for a solar panel system to generate optimum output. Considering an average of 4-5 hours of daily sunshine; a 6.6kW solar power system is expected to generate around 24kW – 26kW per day. Considering an average daily power generation of 24kW in a day, depending on your usage pattern, you can easily save anywhere between $1500-$2000 on your electricity bills in a year.

What type of solar power system should I install if I live in Gympie?

Gympie, being an important destination has a high demand of solar panel system. Due to adequate sunshine, solar panel system in Gympie proves to be a good investment both for homes and businesses. There are variety of panels and inverters with latest technology are available to choose from. You can decide the best solar panel system in Gympie in consultation with our solar experts suited to meet your requirements and budget.

Which solar system size is right for you in Gympie?

With an increase in number of electrical equipment like aircon, washing machine etc., currently, a 6.6kW Solar Power System is widely accepted and most reliable solar panel system for a residential property in Gympie. However, our solar experts can design a tailor-made solar panel system for you matching with your requirement and budget from our wide range of solar panel system available in Gympie.

Call us on 1300 650 747 to get more information and understand the best suitable system for you and discuss your requirement against your budget. We will help you to decide on a most suitable system size for you.

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