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TALESUN Solar Panels was created in 2010, it is a subsidiary of the Zhongli group created in 1988. The TALESUN Solar headquarter and its production factories are located in China. Talesun Solar Panels are the part of the TOP 10 TIER 1 Bloomberg since 2016, a highly renowned ranking on the PV market of the largest manufacturers of photovoltaic modules in the world. Originally, this classification was intended for banks to estimate the solvency of companies, today it is the reference for banks always but also for our partners and our customers.

In 2017 Talesun Solar Panels are increasing our production capacity to 5 GW by following up on the origin of new factories, an increase which allowed us at the time to be considered as one of the biggest players in the world market with the capacity of significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our modules thanks to the latest mono PERC technology. With our factories in China and Thailand, we offer a solution adapted to the markets affected by anti-dumping laws such as the United States or Europe. At the end of 2020, we anticipate an overall capacity of 8GW of panels and 7.5GW of cells. A new production plant is actually in the works with a commissioning planned for the T4 2020 specializing in bifacial and large panels.

TALESUN Solar Panels is one of the few Chinese companies to have received the VDE certificate of quality tested in the photovoltaic industry, as well as the “China Photovoltaic Top Runner Award” confirming the quality of the TALESUN Solar Panels.

Talesun Solar Panel Models We Offer...

This module is designed in 120 monocrystalline half cells. It is well known as high effieciency module. Low temperature coefficient which causes no overheating. It is specially designed for less shading effect. It comes with 15 years of product warranty along with 25 years of performance warranty.

That’s why the market is adopting this simple upgrade as quickly as it on the market.

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talesun solar panels 330w

Talesun 330W Bistar Half Cut Mono Perc 330W

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  • Are Talesun solar panels any good?

    Talesun was founded back in 2010, it has been now seven years and Talesun has built a great reputation worldwide. It is among the best solar panels manufacturers available.

    With high quality photovoltaic solar cells and modules Talesun offers you decisive advantages for your work as engineers, project planners, designers or solar technology experts. Talesun has an impressive track record of solar PV installations with more than 500 MW installed globally.

  • Are Talesun solar panels Tier1?

    Yes, Talesun solar panels rank near the top of the Bloomberg Tier 1 list.

    Talesun solar panels have been rated 4.3 Stars out of 5 by independent review platform in Australia.

  • What technology used in Talesun solar panels?

    Half-cell PERC technology

  • How long do Talesun solar panel last?

    Talesun, a leading provider of high-quality solar modules, has one of the world’s largest and most advanced production facilities for crystalline solar modules and cells. The fully automated manufacturing process coupled with the most advanced technical standards guarantees a high-quality product with exceptional performance.

    Talesun solar panels offer 15-year Product warranty which is one of the best as compared to the industry standard of 10-12 years of Product warranty on other modules.

    Talesun solar panels also offer 25-year insurance-based guarantee to ensure our product and power output warranty. Talesun’s 25-year, insurance-based guarantee (with non-cancelable term) underpins both product and performance warranty and offers thereby, a secure basis for even the largest projects and capital financing..

  • How much does a Talesun solar panel system cost?

    A 6.6kW system with 20 X 330w Talesun panels and a 5kW Growatt inverter will cost around $3500 for a standard installation in Brisbane; whereas with a Fronius inverter it will cost around $4600.

    Cost for regional installations and installations other than standard property will vary depending on the specifications of the respective properties.

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