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1 Experienced Solar Experts

Experienced Solar Experts

Our team comprises of highly-renowned experts with deep insights and massive experience of working in the solar industry.
2 CEC-accredited Solar Installation Team

CEC-accredited Solar Installation Team

We only hire CEC-accredited and licensed technicians to achieve maximum operational efficiency without any faults.
3 Exclusive Solar Product Warranty

Exclusive Solar Product Warranty

We offer up to 25 years of performance warranty and 10 years workmanship warranty and replacement warranty on solar panels.

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Best Solar Panel System Selling Company in Brisbane,Queensland

Smart House Solar is an expert solar company in Brisbane, Queensland with an established track record of installing high-grade commercial solar panels system and residential solar panels system in Australia.

We have a rapidly growing service network in Queensland and other states of Australia, giving us the capability to address versatile your solar power needs. We specialise in household solar systems with 5kW solar system, 6.6kW solar system, 10kW solar system packages.

For bigger businesses, we offer heavy-duty solar system packages like 20kW Solar System and 30kW solar system. These high capacity solar system packages will decrease power costs and improve the sustainability and profitability of your business.


Why do you need to install Solar Panels at your home?

Installing a solar panel system in your home means that you will use less electricity from the grid. Solar-powered systems use pure and clean energy from the sun. Using clean energy means you are helping the environment by not using energy generated by fossil fuels, as well as cutting down your monthly bills.
Solar energy appeals to homeowners and businesses for many different reasons. Some homeowners in Queensland like the idea of lowering their monthly bills. Others appreciate the fact that solar power energy is better for the environment. However, due to the upfront cost of solar energy units, most people assume that it is not worth the investment.

This is not necessarily the case, especially with Smart House Solar. We can provide you with the best solar deals at unbeatable prices. When it comes to understanding the value of a new solar system, you should look at the average payback period for Australia. In other words, you should examine how long it will take to earn back the value of your investment by savings in your energy bills.

What is the Average Payback Period for your Solar Investment?

You must start by assessing the cost of a new solar energy system. These solar-powered systems require some investment. However, with the right solar system, you can nearly eliminate your monthly energy bills. Compare your initial solar system investment to the monthly savings on your electricity bill. You can divide the cost of the unit by your monthly bill to see how many months it will take for you to recoup on your investment.

The good news for Australians is that our climate is suited for this technology. Given the amount of sunshine most homes receive in Queensland, the payback period on average is only 3.5 to 5 years. This payback period for solar panels is substantially shorter than in other regions of Australia and rest of the world. Plus, your system might pay for itself even faster if you get the best quality solar panels. Your payback rate will increase if you use more solar energy.

Solar energy is not an expensive investment if done right; it can be a part of your extended savings plan. If you are interested in the technology, do not be scared off by the upfront cost. Instead, look carefully at your energy consumption to predict your savings over time. You may be surprised how quickly your solar system pays for itself.


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