Huawei Solar Inverter

Huawei is a privately owned Chinese company with more than 180,000 employees globally, 40% employed directly in research and development. Huawei Solar Inverter is the largest inverter supplier from 2015 to 2019 globally for 5 consecutive years. Huawei Solar Inverter innovates and optimizes throughout the entire lifecycle of PV energy generation. Huawei Solar Inverter is committed to building efficient, smart O&M, safe, reliable and grid-supporting Smart PV plants, and helping customers maximize the return of investment over the plants’ lifetime. Huawei is an efficient, lightweight inverter that offers an impressive range of features at a very competitive price.

Huawei have already established themselves in Australia in service, sales and distribution centres in most capital cities. Huawei are keen to engage with the solar community and have already setup a training centre in Sydney along with a research and development centre in Melbourne.

Huawei Inverter Features

  • Maximum efficiency 98.4%
  • Integrated battery interface
  • 10-year full comprehensive warranty
  • Like-for-like replacement
  • Operating at only 29 dB extremely quiet inverters

Huawei Solar Inverters we offer….

Huawei Single Phase Inverter Range:
SUN2000-2KTL-L1/3 KTL-L1/4 KTL-L1/4.6 KTL-L1/5 KTL-L1/6KTL-L1

  • AI powered arcing protection
  • Battery ready by direct Plug & Play, no extra device or any retrofit required
  • Compatible to SUN2000-450W-P optimizer
  • High efficiency inverter topology, Max. Efficiency 98.4%
  • A 5KTL inverter allows 5kW full power AC outp

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huawei single phase solar inverter

Huawei Single Phase Solar Inverter

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huawei solar inverter

Huawei Three Phase Solar Inverter

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Huawei Three Phase Solar Inverter Range:
SUN2000-5KTL-M0 / SUN2000-6KTL-M0

  • Compatible to SUN2000-450W-P optimizer*
  • Battery ready by direct Plug & Play, no extra device or any retrofit required
  • A 10KTL inverter allows 10kW full power AC output
  • High efficiency inverter topology, Max. Efficiency 98.6%
  • Plus 10kW full power battery charge

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  • Are Huawei inverters any good?

    Huawei offers leading Smart PV solutions which harnessing more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology. Huawei has been named the largest inverter supplier from 2015 to 2019 globally for 5 consecutive years.

    Huawei solar inverter integrates the latest digital and internet technology with residential solar technology. Bringing you optimized PV power generation, built-in plug & play battery interface and smart home energy management.

    Huawei solar inverters comes in Single phase, Three phase and Hybrid inverters with a standard warranty of 5 years. Huawei solar inverters are dynamic and affordable and considered to be a good inverter for residential solar power systems. Huawei solar inverter has been rated 4.7 Stars out of 5 by independent review platform in Australia.

  • Where are Huawei inverters made?

    Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider. Huawei offers solutions, products and services that are used in more than 170 countries, serving over three billion people around the world. Huawei continues to innovate based on customer needs and is committed to enhancing customer experience and delivering maximum value.

    Huawei solar inverters have their Product Development, Engineering and Manufacturing Headquarter in China with Inverter Architecture Designing from Germany and Chipset Designing from USA.

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