Customer Referral Program

It Pays to Be Green

We hope you have already started saving on your electricity bills. Now, it’s time to make your family, friends & colleagues start saving on their electricity bills too, with Smart House Solar!!!

Spread the word with your friends about the benefits of going solar and how easy Smart House Solar is to work with. To show our gratitude for spreading the solar movement, we have come up with the best solar referral bonus program.

How does it work?

Each referral will make you eligible to earn more and more.

It is very simple. You can just provide basic details of your friend, family or colleague to us who are looking to go solar and we will contact them and take care of their solar needs.

What’s on offer?

Within a span of 30 days from your first referral, your per referral bonus increases. You are eligible for the referral bonus once the initial deposit is paid to us for booking the system.

No. of referrals





5 or more

Bonus per referral






You earn






Remember! More you refer more you earn.

How do you actually receive the bonus?

Quite simple, once the installation is complete at your friend’s property and the system is paid in full, we will contact you for your bank details. The referral bonus will be directly credited to your bank account with no hassles.

So, what are you waiting for?

A Win-Win situation for all. You earn cash, your friends save money, and together we can reduce our carbon footprint and fight the climate change. Let’s get the ball rolling……

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