Fronius Solar Inverter

Fronius inverters have set a benchmark in the manufacturing of solar inverters. Fronius was founded in 1945 in Austria, they have 65 years of experience in producing innovative and intelligent power storage solutions. As the global leader in innovation and technology, they continuously improve themselves to be the top performer in welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging.

Fronius inverters have received various awards including awards for High Quality, Functionality and Ecology, Best Product of the Year, Innovation, Best Practices etc. Originally a manufacturer of battery chargers, and transformers, Fronius has spent the last 20 years developing and manufacturing solar inverters and monitoring equipment, including solar battery chargers. Fronius Solar Inverter aims at inspiring confidence, trust and satisfaction through their advanced technology and sheer quality of the innovative products. Sustainability of Fronius inverters is impressive as they boost productivity, increase energy yields and also reduce operating costs.

To ensure the best possible quality, all Fronius inverters are exhaustively tested at in-house research and development centre to ensure their ability to withstand harsh and diverse Australian climatic and weather conditions, including rain water, dust, salt and extremes of temperature.

Fronius Inverter Features

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • SnapINverter design
  • Extendable warranty
  • Free access to Solarweb online portal
  • Optional Smart Meter for real-time in house consumption monitoring

Fronius Solar inverter we offer….

Fronius Primo Range:
(3.0-1 – 8.2.0-1)

  • Single phase inverters
  • Range from 3.0kW to 8.2kW
  • Dual MPPT Tracker
  • Transformerless inverters
  • Regulated air cooling
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors installation
  • SuperFlex Design for irregularly shaped or different roof orientations
  • DC insulation measurement
  • DC disconnector

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Fronius Primo SolarInverter

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Fronius Symo Range Inverter

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Fronius Symo Range:
5.0kW to 15kW

  • Dual MPPT Tracker
  • Transformerless inverters
  • Regulated air cooling
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors installation
  • SuperFlex Design for irregularly shaped or different roof orientations
  • SnapINverter standardised mounting system
  • Data communication package with fully integrated datalogging, WLAN, Ethernet, energy management, web server and a range of interfaces

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  • What is the best solar inverter in Australia?

    Fronius solar inverter is considered as one of the best inverters when it comes to innovation and technology, boosting productivity, increasing energy yields and reduce operating costs.

    Since 1945, Fronius Solar Inverter has operated with full passion for new technologies, intensive research and revolutionary solutions. Fronius Solar Inverter has represented over 60 countries with 30 subsidiaries and numerous sales partners and representatives. Around 1,240 successful patents emphasised Fronius Solar Inverter as the global innovation leader in cooperation with other national and international technology pioneers.

  • Which is the best inverter for home use?

    Fronius solar inverter is undoubtedly one of the best solar inverters for home use. Fronius solar inverters are productive and reliable and form an indispensable heart of every solar power system. Power categories ranging from 1.5 kW to 27.0 kW guarantee suitability for virtually any system size – from a family home to a large-scale system. Fronius solar inverter comes in Single phase (Fronius Primo inverters) and Three phase (Fronius Symo inverters) dual MPPT inverters. The storage solution from Fronius allows excess of unused solar energy from a photovoltaic system to be stored in a battery. Fronius system monitoring provides data communication solutions for solar power systems, which ensures reliable system monitoring and direct integration into other systems. The hardware is quick to install and the software is simple to use. Fronius solar inverter has been rated 4.7 Stars out of 5 by independent review platform in Australia.

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