Feed in Tariffs Queensland

Feed in tariff (FIT) is an additional benefit you get from solar system. You can still get financial returns even if you are not able to consume the amount of solar energy generated by your system fully. You benefit from the minimum FIT rates regulated by the state government that varies from state to state. The power is in your hand to negotiate with your retailer a FIT rate over and above the minimum rate announced by the government.

How to get FIT

You are entitled to earn FIT for the amount of energy you do not consume and export back to the grid. The government fixes minimum FIT rates and the retailers are free to offer FIT rate equal to the declared rate or over and above that. Currently, a net feed in tariff scheme rewards you for each kW of power you export back to the grid.

How to benefit from FIT

FIT rates initially were on a higher side as the government wanted to spread solar awareness and kept on reducing gradually over a period of time. Currently FIT rates vary for different states and it ranges around 10 cents per kW.

To receive a feed-in tariff a solar PV system must be:

  • installed on a household or small-businesses
  • connected to the grid
Added benefit to go solar

Although, the premium feed in tariffs (PFIT) are no longer in place, lower FITs are no longer important as they were in the past for solar to make a financial sense. Ever rising electricity cost is the main reason to invest in solar power system. FIT is an added benefit while deciding to go solar, it is recommended to maximise your saving by utilising more solar energy against grid energy. This is the only way to get the maximum out of your solar system as the FIT rates may go up or down whereas the electricity rates as ever rising.

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