Sungrow Solar Inverter

Founded in 1997, Sungrow Solar Inverter has become one of the leading manufacturers in the world PV inverter industry. Sungrow, a high-tech enterprise engaged in development of power supply equipment for renewable energy especially solar PV and wind power, technical consultancy, system design and other relevant services.

Sungrow is a global leader in research and development in solar inverters, with more than 70 patents a 20-year track record of growth and success, Sungrow is committed to motivating more people and businesses to make the earth greener through its innovation in the solar industry. Sungrow specializes in R&D, production, sales, and service of new energy power supply devices for solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, new energy automotive drive systems, floating and land-based PV power plants.

Sungrow Inverter Features:

  • Light weight
  • Easy installation – plug and play
  • Low noise
  • Up to 97.4% efficiency
  • Transformerless design
  • Dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • IP 65 protection – protected from total dust ingress and low pressure water jets
  • WiFi enabled, user-friendly application for monitoring performance

Sungrow Solar inverter we offer….

Sungrow Single Phase Solar Inverter Range:

  • Higher yield with Max. efficiency 98.4%, European efficiency 98.0%
  • 12.5A MPPT current, and compatible with bifacial modules
  • Quick Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Built-in certified PV isolator
  • 24H real-time loads monitoring
  • Easy local and online monitoring via App or Web
  • 11.5 kg compact design, plug and play installation
  • Fast commissioning via App

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Sungrow Single Phase Solar Inverter

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Sungrow Three Phase Solar Inverter

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Sungrow Three Phase Solar Inverter Range:

  • High energy yield due to maximum efficiency up to 98.1%
  • Flexible design due to dual MPP tracking that is equipped to obtain full nominal power
  • Low noise level and internal consumption due to natural cooling
  • Integrated theft protection
  • Access to Home Wi-Fi system and enjoy cloud services via smart phones
  • Integrated power management function, easy to receive the adjustable command from grid

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  • Are Sungrow inverters any good?

    Founded in 1997, Sungrow Solar Inverter has become one of the leading manufacturers in the world PV inverter industry. Sungrow solar inverters come in a range from 2.5 kW to 6.8 MW and offer an efficiency of over 99%. Ready to convert on any scale you need. Sungrow solar inverter can be considered as the world’s most bankable inverter brand.

    Sungrow have impeccable product quality. Even to the point where they out-do European inverters like SMA! Sungrow solar inverters offer a solid inverter product at a very good price.

  • Which is the best inverter for home use?

    Sungrow solar inverter can be considered as one of the best solar inverters for home use due to its reliability, versatility, innovation and precision. Sungrow is committed to more innovative, efficient and cost-effective products in their designing and manufacturing of solar inverters to enrich the renewable energy market and support the transition towards more sustainable solar solutions. Sungrow, having won several awards, including an “A” grade rating in the prestigious Photon Lab tests, all Sungrow products are certified to international standards.

    Sungrow solar inverters comes in Single phase, Three phase and Hybrid inverters with a standard warranty of 5 years expandable up to 20 years. Sungrow solar inverters are manufactured in China with a presence in Australia, giving you access to local product and warranty support. Sungrow solar inverter has been rated 4.4 Stars out of 5 by independent review platform in Australia.

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