Complaint Handling Procedure


Smart House Solar believes in providing quality products and services. At the same time, we believe in feedback from our customers to ensure continuous improvement in the products and services. We strive to act efficiently and effectively on all feedback and enhance customer experience. However, at times we may receive complaints from the customers who are not satisfied with the products or services. Our aim is to provide a mechanism to deal with the customer complaints in fairly and timely manner.


The procedure applies to all staff receiving or managing complaints made to us by our customers with regard to the products or services provided by us.

Complaint Management System mechanism and procedure

We have dedicated Customer Service Manager helpdesk (CSM) as a first point of contact for registering all complaints related to the products and services provided by us.

Wherever possible, all complaints registered with CSM will be resolved at the first contact. Priorities of the complaints will be assessed according to the urgency of the issue. If the issue concerns an immediate risk to safety or security, it will be dealt on a priority.

For all other complaint except the complaints of an urgent nature, the resolution will be provided within 21 working days from the date of complaint (verbal or written). If for any reason it requires more time to investigate, we will ensure to communicate it to the customers in writing and try to resolve the complaint within 45 working days from the date of initial complaint.

If the customer is not happy with the resolution or the complaint is out of CSM’s purview, it will be escalated to the Operations Manager (OM). Next and final escalation level within the organisation will be Director.

Contact Details
Complaint governing bodies outside Smart House Solar

In case if the customer is not satisfied with the resolution, they have option to escalate the complaint outside Smart House Solar with the Clean Energy Council or other governing bodies listed below. In such cases the below details will be required:

  • Project No. with Smart House Solar
  • Full Name
  • Contact No
  • Name of the representative of Smart House Solar
  • Nature of the complaint
  • Steps already taken to resolve the complaint
  • Remedy requested by the customer
  • Copies of correspondence exchanged with Smart House Solar
  • Resolution provided by Smart House Solar
  • Expected resolution
Clean Energy Council

Phone : +61 3 9929 4100


Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Phone :1300 302 502
+61 7 3835 4666

Website :

Office of Fair Trading

Phone : 13 74 68