SAJ Solar Inverter

SAJ solar inverter is manufactured by Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd., established in 2005, specialised in renewable energy conversion, transmission and storage solutions. SAJ masters leading technologies such as high effective photovoltaic power generation & energy conserving and intelligent monitoring. SAJ strives to construct a complete eSolar ecological service system based on eSolar portal, eSolar shared operation & maintenance, eSolar family photovoltaic academy and by adhering to the value of customer-oriented, to solve outstanding problems at present and promote healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

SAJ provides professional distributed solar inverter, energy storage hybrid solar inverter and monitoring solution. SAJ solar inverters has been awarded the Top 10 solar inverter brand in China for five consecutive years. With the superior quality and comprehensive service network, SAJ has successfully applied 1 million sets of products around the world. SAJ is devoted to the development of the leading drive & zero-carbon and energy saving technology, to establish itself as a service provider of digital building energy management and to build green, smart and efficient energy environment, to make lives better, happier, and healthier.

SAJ Inverter Features

  • Lightning protection
  • High precision leakage monitoring
  • Low standby consumption
  • High efficiency, high yield
  • Die-casting case cover
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Remote Configuration
  • eSolar Wi-Fi-D Module
  • Intelligent & Grid-friendly
  • Quiet generation

SAJ solar inverter we offer….

SAJ Single Phase Inverter Range:
R5-5K-S2 To R5-8K-S2

  • Maximum efficiency 98.3%
  • Dual MPPT trackers
  • LED + (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi+APP) Interface
  • IP 65 Protection

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SAJ Single Phase Solar Inverter

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SAJ Three Phase Solar Inverter

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SAJ Three Phase Inverter Range:
R5-5K-T2-AUSTo R5-20K-T2-AUS

  • Maximum efficiency 98.8%
  • Dual MPPT trackers
  • LED + (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi+APP) Interface
  • IP 65 Protection

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  • Is SAJ a good inverter?

    SAJ solar inverter is a quality inverter with affordable price. SAJ solar inverter provides both single phase and three phase dual MPPT inverters starting from 3kW to 20kW. With maximum efficiency of 98.8% it comes with standard 5 years of warranty with an option to extend it up to 25 years assuring a maximum return on your solar panel system investment. SAJ solar inverter also has an option of remote monitoring the performance which helps you to monitor how your solar panel system performs. All these feature makes SAJ solar inverter a reliable option if you are looking for a solar panel system at a reasonable price.

  • Which is the best inverter for home use?

    SAJ solar inverters have been awarded the Top 10 solar inverter brand in China for 5 consecutive years, and also become global Top 10 residential inverter in 2018. SAJ provides professional distributed solar inverter, energy storage hybrid solar inverter and monitoring solution. So far, the company has been authorized 22 invention patents, 59 utility model patents, 17 exterior design patents, 42 software copyrights and 6 software products with registrations.

    SAJ solar inverter can be considered as one of the best solar inverters for home use due to its reliability, aesthetic design, versatility, innovation and precision. The company has shown commitment in designing and manufacturing more efficient, innovative and cost-effective products to enhance the renewable energy market and support the transition towards a more sustainable society.

    SAJ solar inverters comes in Single phase and Three phase with a standard warranty of 5 years expandable up to 25 years. SAJ solar inverters are manufactured in China with a presence in Australia, giving you access to local product and warranty support. SAJ solar inverter has been rated 4.5 Stars out of 5 by independent review platform in Australia.

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