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Take the First Step Towards
Green Business Operations with 30kW Solar System

Australian power grid is one of the most expensive in the world. Conventional grid might not be the most affordable way when it comes to keeping your business premises powered 24x7. Moreover, with rising environmental concerns, it is suitable for your business to take a step in the right direction by transitioning to a solar power system for business. Our 30kW solar panel system has the caliber to provide optimal output for large-scale commercial operations, efficiently. Not only will you save on power bills but can project yourself as a green business operator, earning your business long-lasting goodwill.

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Salient Features of 30kW Solar Panel System

  • High-quality solar panels and inverter certified and approved by Clean Energy Council
  • Efficient installation by expert team for optimal output and flawless performance
  • Great performance warranty and quality assurance
  • 24x7 service support and query resolution
  • Best solar panel installation and maintenance support in Queensland

Technical Specifications

  • Solar Panels: 120x270 Watt High-quality Solar Panels (Tier-I)
  • Inverter: 30 kW inverter by reputed manufacturer & recommended by CEC-accredited technicians
  • Mounting & Electrical Kits: Mounting & Electrical kits as per Australian Standards

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Excellent Warranty Coverage

  • 25 Years Performance Warranty
  • 10 Years Years Workmanship & Replacement Warranty for Solar Panels
  • 05 Years Years Product Warranty on Inverters
  • Extended Warranty Packages Available on-Demand

30kW Solar Panel Brands We Offer

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