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Things to Know Before Going Off-Grid and Adapting Solar Panels in Brisbane

Using solar energy to generate electricity is the best solution to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce global warming. People today realise this fact, and hence, are adopting modern solar-powered solutions for their energy needs. There are generally two methods when going solar, on-grid and off-grid solar power systems.

On-grid solar power includes tying up your solar system with the local utility’s GRID. The user's electricity bill using this method is discounted for the amount of energy generated by him. On the other hand, an off-grid solar power system works independently to generate energy. In this method, the user generates 100% of the energy from installed solar panels and stores it in the batteries which are further used for regular consumption.

Although the system of off-grid solar panels looks more efficient, various factors should be considered. So let us go ahead and check these crucial factors before you invest in off-grid solar panels in Brisbane.

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Why Choose an Off-Grid Solar Panel System?

Solar Panels Brisbane, Solar System Brisbane - Smart House Solar

The fundamental reason for choosing an off-grid solar system over an on-grid system is the cost of connection. Unlike your conventional energy system or the on-grid system, off-grid solar panels are highly economical.

The initial investment might seem costlier at first, but the return on investment is exceptional in the long term. As you generate and provide energy for yourself, you would not be externally billed for energy consumption which usually is expensive.

In addition, if your house is located at a remote location, the cost of establishing a connection from the conventional grid can be higher. However, off-grid solar panels act as the best alternative to fulfil your energy demands at a reasonable price.

The cost of the connection is not the only reason to choose the off-grid solar system. Many people go for off-grid solar panels Brisbane because they act as a more reliable solution for the increasing threat from changing environmental conditions and global warming.

What are the Basic Components of an Off-Grid Solar Panel?

Solar Panels Brisbane, Solar System Brisbane - Smart House Solar

If you are interested in getting an off-grid solar panel in Brisbane, you must be well-acquainted with the various components of the system. The basic components used in an off-grid solar panel are:

1. Solar Panels:

They are the most essential component of your off-grid system. They absorb the sunlight from the sun and generate it to an electric current which is further transferred to the batteries. The panels can be either mounted to the ground or installed over a shed where there is an ample amount of sunlight.

2. Inverter:

The inverter of your solar panel system is used to deliver the generated usable energy to your house or battery pack. Depending on the installation design, your inverter will have an AC-coupled system, DC-coupled system, or a blend of both.

3. Battery:

Batteries are the components where the energy generated by the solar panel is stored. The battery of your system needs to handle the operation of regularly delivering the required energy consumption of the house. Lithium batteries are usually used for such applications due to their high efficiency and reliability.

4. Backup Generator:

A backup generator might be useful when dealing with high or low battery commands. Though it is not necessary to add a backup generator, it does provide additional security.

How is the Size for Your Off-Grid Solar Panel Decided?

The size of your off-grid system is an essential aspect while designing your system. The correct size of the off-grid panels ensures that you can generate the required daily energy for your house. To design the system, the solar panel installer will collect the following information from you

  • The size of your house.
  • Information regarding the number of electrical appliances at your home.
  • Your daily consumption of energy.

All these factors will determine the daily load requirement for your house. Accordingly, a design will be crafted for the off-grid solar panel system.

How to Find the Best Solar Panel Installer in Brisbane?

Solar Panels Brisbane, Solar System Brisbane - Smart House Solar

Searching for an installer of solar panel Brisbane?

Before you choose an installer, take a look at some of the must-know things that will help you make an informed decision. The two most crucial things before switching to an off-grid solar panel system are the system maintenance support and after-sales service of the provider.

Your solar panel system provider will share a relationship with you for an extended time and several years to come. They will be responsible for the maintenance and troubleshooting of the problems of the solar panel system. Therefore, you must pick the most qualified and suitable solar panel provider to ease all your troubles related to the solar system.

A proficient solar panel installer should have the capability to remotely access your system and conduct the maintenance procedures and repairs when required. Moreover, the provider must have a specialised ‘SPS Design & Install License’ and accreditation with Clean Energy Council, Australia.

Smart House Solar is known to provide the best solar panels in Brisbane. You can contact our team to get more information and a quotation for your off-grid solar panel system.

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