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Enphase Micro Inverter

Enphase Solar Inverter is the world’s Number 1 brand for Solar PV Micro Inverters. Enphase Energy delivers micro-inverter technology that enhances energy production, promotes simple design and installation, provides improved system uptime and reliability, reduces fire safety risk and provides a platform for intelligent energy management. Enphase’s proven micro inverter technology maximizes production of each module, enabling flexible designs and cost-effective installations.
With micro inverters, only the individual panel is affected, while the others keep performing to their fullest. This results in more solar power generations and greater energy savings from the same panels. DC-AC conversion happens on the panel level avoiding any high-voltage power traveling through your system. This means, you don’t have to worry about the dangers lurking on your own roof. Enphase is a chosen brand knowing it meets even the strictest safety requirements.

Enphase Micro Inverter Features

  • Flexible design
  • World leading efficiency
  • Higher reliability
  • Easier installation with innovative cabling and cable connectors
  • Greater durability
  • Increased safety
  • Envoy Gateway for better performance monitoring

Enphase Micro Inverter we offer….

Enphase Micro Inverter Range:
Enphase IQ Series Micros IQ7 240VA 1 Phase 1 MPPT (IQ7-60-2-INT)

  • Optimized for high powered 60-cell, 72-cell* modules and onwards
  • More than a million hours of testing
  • Class II double-insulated enclosure
  • Complies with advanced grid support, voltage and frequency ride-through requirements
  • Remotely updates to respond to changing grid requirements
  • Configurable for varying grid profiles

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Enphase Micro Inverter


  • Are Enphase micro inverters reliable?

    Enphase Micro inverters offer the most advanced inverter technology on the market, which means higher production, greater reliability, and unmatched intelligence.

    Enphase micro inverters are proven to produce more energy than other technologies.

    • Micro inverters operate independently, so each panel performs to its fullest. One shaded or dirty panel won’t affect the rest of the system.
    • Burst technology lets micro inverters produce more at dawn, dusk, and in low-light conditions, for a longer solar day.

    Because they function independently, micro inverters are inherently more reliable as there’s no single point of failure in a micro inverter system. Plus, Enphase solar micro inverter manufacturers are obsessed about quality, and their products reflect that.

    • If one panel goes down, the others won’t go down with it.
    • Enphase solar micro inverters undergo the most rigorous product testing in the industry.
    • Enphase solar micro inverters stand by their products with the industry’s highest warranties and hence proves to be more cost-effective solar panel solution for your home or business in the long run.

    Enphase solar micro inverter has been rated 4.7 Stars out of 5 by independent review platform in Australia.

  • How do Enphase solar micro inverters work?

    Enphase solar micro inverters are installed beneath each solar module and convert DC power to AC power. Each micro inverter sends AC power to your home’s electrical panel and transmits performance data over your home’s electrical wiring to the Envoy, which is the brain of the system, gathering data from all the micro inverters and deliver it to the Enlighten software.

    Enphase solar micro inverters ensures maximum production in cases of shadow issues, dirt, dust, wear and tear and temperature differences and thereby guarantees optimum return on your solar investment.

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