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Level 27/480 Queen Street, Brisbane City, QLD, 4000.
1300 650 747

Our Contacts

Level 27/480 Queen Street, Brisbane City, QLD, 4000.

1300 650 747

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Smart House Solar

Welcome to Smart House Solar

Your Trusted & Reliable Solar Expert!

In the modern energy-hungry world, finding and implementing an efficient green energy solution should be the cornerstone for sustainable growth and development. Smart House Solar was incorporated with the objective of helping Australians make the right solar energy equipment decision. We are a team of highly experienced solar experts that provides right product knowledge and recommend the most appropriate product according to your personal needs.
Solar energy is the most potent forms of energy on the planet.
We help residential and commercial establishments all across Australia in harnessing this powerful source to fulfill energy needs and reduce dependence on the grid.
Not only our solution help in reducing your electricity bills over time but also equip your home and office to become a green structure and contribute towards environment protection.


To spread awareness about the benefits of solar energy and help individuals make the correct purchase decision by providing exhaustive knowledge of available options in the market.


To make every home and office building self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption by utilizing solar energy and make Australia a green country in terms of energy production.
Take the First Step towards Green Transition

Smart House Solar's Strength

Tested, approved and certified range of panels, inverters and accessories
Great on-ground sales and service network in Queensland
High-quality residential and commercial solar solutions at an affordable price
Highly experienced team of solar experts
100% Customer-oriented operations
CEC-accredited licensed installation technicians
Smart House Solar

Why Smart House Solar?

Smart House Solar was found in 2017 with a mission to spread solar awareness in alignment to the government’s vision to protect the environment from the greenhouse effect. We also aim to serve our customers with the quality products at an affordable price with an assurance of seamless service.
  • How We Think Solar?

We believe Solar is a long term investment. It is all about making Smart choice to get the maximum out of your investment. Smart House Solar vows to continue to minimise your out of pocket expenses while retaining our reputation of delivering unbeatable quality and service. We aim to provide high efficiency, premium solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Sun is the constant source of renewable energy. We all should understand the importance of making the most of this free source of renewable energy. It’s a goal we strive to meet time and time again and we will continue to fight global warming, fossil-fuel generated pollution and the rising price of electricity.

  • Why Choose Us?

Smart House Solar is constantly growing to become one of the best solar power company in Brisbane and for that matter Queensland as we aim to light up maximum homes in the Sunshine State before we spread our wings to other states. We are constantly getting support from our existing customers in terms of growing our business. They are supporting us with positive reviews and referring us to their family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances. We are rated 4.8 Stars on Productreview.com & 4.9 Stars on Google Reviews. We constantly target to enhance satisfaction levels of our customers with quality products, installations and prompt after sales service.

  • Feed in tariff
There is a choice of number of retailers in Brisbane. This gives you an advantage to choose the one that gives you best electricity and feed in tariff rates.
  • Payback period
Brisbane is considered to get an average sunshine of over 5 hours in a day. More sunshine means more productivity which results in more savings. More savings results in a better payback period from your solar system.
Considering all these factors, it is certainly an appropriate time to go solar if you still have not considered this option. We can assist you to get a quality system at a very competitive price. So, do not wait and call us on 1300 650 747 to book a system for you.

Process Flow

Our constant endeavour is to make our process simple and quicker to make it uncomplicated for our customers. We hold hand at every stage to smoothen the process for our customers. Our process involves below steps:

Free Consultation

Not sure what panels or inverters to choose? What system size to go for? What’s the best offer in the market? Our experienced team will answer all your questions so that you make an informed decision and get the best solar system for you at an affordable price. So why, spend a lot of time in thinking, rather call us on 1300 650 747 and talk to an expert.

Initial Booking with Nominal Deposit

Once you are confident, you just have to put a nominal deposit to get the ball rolling. Quite simple, you can pay by debit/credit card over the phone or through our website at www.smarthousesolar.com.au/ make a payment or simply transfer the amount to our designated bank account.

Document Submission

We will collect required paperwork from you to make application to your electricity provider and share it with our CEC accredited installer to plan your installation schedule.

Electricity Provider Application

Prior approval from electricity provider is required before the panels are installed on your roof. We will take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.

Finalise Installation Date

Once we receive a confirmation from your electricity provider, our installation team will contact you to schedule a convenient date for installation.

System Installation

On the scheduled date, installation will be done by CEC accredited experienced installers.

Feedback and Balance Payment

Once the installation is complete, you will receive a call from our Customer Relation Team to understand your overall experience with the installation. You can share your concerns, if any, so that we can quickly work towards resolving the issues. Balance payment to be made on the same call.

Grid Connection Application

Once we receive the balance payment, required paperwork will be submitted to your electricity retailer for connecting the system to grid so that you do not miss out on feed in tariff benefits.

Further Assistance

Apart from this, our dedicated customer service helpline is constantly available on 1300 650 747 (Option 4) or 0731840926 / 0731840922 in case of any issue arising out of installation.

To share our latest deals, refer to www.smarthousesolar.com.au/special deals section or call us on 1300 650 747 today.