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Best-in-class 6.6kW solar system
for power-hungry residential premises with large families

Our massive 6.6kW solar panel system is suitable for large families or homes with lots of power-hungry appliances. The big 6.6kW inverter in the system powered by 24 dedicated solar panels provides optimal output for round-the-clock power availability. What’s more, 25 years performance warranty makes 6.6kW solar panel system one of the most reliable residential solar systems available in the Australian market.

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Salient Features of 6.6kW Solar Panel System

  • High-quality solar panels, first-grade inverter and CEC-certified components
  • Excellent long-lasting performance backed by comprehensive performance warranty
  • Installed and configured by CEC-certified technicians and electricians
  • Best-in-industry solar panel installation and maintenance support in Queensland

Technical Specifications

  • Solar Panels: 24x270 Watt High-quality Solar Panels (Tier-I)
  • Inverter: 5 kW inverter by manufactured by reputed companies & recommended by CEC-accredited technicians
  • Mounting & Electrical Kits: Mounting & Electrical kits as per Australian Standards

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Excellent Warranty Coverage

  • 10 Years Panel Product Warranty
  • 25 Years Panel Performance Warranty
  • 05 Years Inverter Manufacturing Warranty
  • • Extended Warranty Packages Available on-Demand

6.6kW Solar Panel Brands We Offer

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