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3 Things to keep in mind during solar panel installation at your commercial premises

Solar Panels Installations | Australia | Smart House Solar

Everyone knows that installing a solar panel to power a building is beneficial- both for the pocket as well as for the environment. Still, only a handful of businesses take a step in the right direction. When it comes to commercial solar installation in Queensland or elsewhere, people are always sceptical because of their lack of knowledge and will to get access to the right resources.

If you are planning to install a solar system for your business, you need to diligently research the available options. Being in touch with solar experts who have experience with commercial solar systems also help you in getting the best return on investment from a solar installation. While going for a solar installation at your commercial premises, you should keep the following things in mind:

Solar Panels Installations | Australia | Smart House Solar

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Get your facility assessed by a certified solar technician

Choosing solar panels for your building can never be an amateur or hasty decision. If you need to get the best value, you need to contact an expert who will help you choose the right panels as per your property. A certified solar technician will conduct an inspection of the rooftop and evaluate the area before suggesting a suitable solar system for your needs.

He/she will understand your energy requirements, consult you to analyze cost and return benefits and make sure you take a well-informed decision regarding commercial solar panels.

Not only will it help you avoid blunders but will ensure that you get the most powerful commercial solar system as per your budget. Always make sure only to contact those experts who have first-hand experience in installing commercial solar panels in your region.

Choose a suitably-sized inverter

Achieving the right balance between an inverter and solar panel enhances cost-efficiency quotient of your commercial solar system. Without choosing the perfect inverter, you will not be able to get maximum performance out of your installation. By consulting an expert solar technician,you will be able to make an informed decision. While you may be lured to buy a larger inverter as it gives you the power to expand your solar installation by adding more panels, but keep in mind that the maintenance and upkeep will also increase with size of inverter.

Minimize the occurrence of shade on solar panels

A shady roof is a nightmare for a solar panel installation. Even instances of partial shading can lead to a decrease in charging power of the solar system. If you are thinking to go solar for commercial operations, achieving cost-efficiency is of paramount importance. You need to make sure that the Solar Panel Installation receives direct sunlight during the peak hours and not even a single module is covered under shade. You can think of clipping the branches of nearby trees or install solar panel elsewhere if the sunlight is being obstructed by manmade structures.

While going for commercial solar installation in Queensland, you can always contact our experts. We would be happy to offer you an obligation-free quote and provide the right advice to make your transition happier and cost-efficient. So, what are you thinking? Go solar with Smart House Solar today!

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Excellent sales and installation service
Sales and installation staff were excellent to deal with. System was quoted and installed in short turn around time. Installers were experts in their field and made us confident this was the right choice.
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A well priced quality solar product
Process was slightly lengthy and installation took 8 weeks, but overall was a good experience. Home is generating clean energy now at maximum efficiency! Installation was clean and fast :) We are happy with our new system!
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South East Queensland, QLD

Fantastic customer service!
Highly recommend this company. The installation process was smooth from start to finish, thanks to Dom Kreutzer and his team of Scott, Harry & Mitchell. Very professional team ! Well done guys!
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