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Level 27/480 Queen Street, Brisbane City, QLD, 4000.
1300 650 747

Our Contacts

Level 27/480 Queen Street, Brisbane City, QLD, 4000.

1300 650 747

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Thank you for choosing Smart House Solar for your solar needs.

Every house is special in its own way and has different requirement, making sure that your house gets the perfect solar power system as per your requirement at the minimum cost is our sheer responsibility.
Our solar consultants are committed to make your solar power system purchase as easy as possible and will work with you on every step to choose the most suitable solar package for your property.

Our thought process

Be smart, be intelligent and be informed

- Tony Alesandra

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking

- Henry Ford

Nowadays people know price of everything and the value of nothing

- Oscar Wilde

Why you need a SMART solar power company to outsmart your electricity bill?

Quality Is Not An Act, It's A Habit That We Deliver.


Quality of products, as well as service, is of top-most importance to us. We believe quality can’t be compromised at any cost.


We aim to be competitive in our prices for the level of quality we deliver. Quality comes at a cost and there is no substitute to it.


We aim to provide transparent and well-informed recommendations so that our customers are well aware of the consequences of their actions.


We give the power of knowledge to our customers so that they can take informed decision rather than going with the flow of deciding in haste and regret later.

Your Journey with Us

Free Consultation
Initial Booking with Nominal Deposit
Document Submission
System Installation
Finalise Installation Date
Electricity Provider Application
Feedback and Balance Payment
Grid Connection Application
Further Assistance
Don't Worry!! We only carry brands with good reputation. Because your family deserves the best!!

Confused between so many brands?

Talesun Solar Panels
Q-Cell Solar Panels
Trina Solar Panels
Astronergy Solar Panels
REC Solar Panels
Risen Solar Panels
Canadian Solar Panels
Seraphim Solar Panels
Longi Solar Panels
Jinko Solar Panels
Sunpower Solar Panels
LG Solar Panels
Suntech Solar Panels
Growatt Solar Inverter
SMA Solar Inverter
Fronius Solar Inverter
Sungrow Solar Inverter
Huawei Solar Inverter
ABB Solar Inverter
Solis Solar Inverter
Enphase Micro Inverter

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