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Level 27/480 Queen Street, Brisbane City, QLD, 4000.

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SMA Inverter

SMA Solar Inverter is a European PV inverter manufacturer brand, established in Germany in 1981, is a market leader in premium solar and battery inverter solutions for residential and commercial segments. Around 39 years of experience, makes SMA Solar Inverter the world’s longest servicing solar inverter manufacturer. SMA Solar Inverter, as a leading global specialist in photovoltaic system technology, is setting the standards today for the decentralized, digital and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. SMA manufactures one of the world’s most trusted, reliable and efficient brand of multiple award winning solar inverters.
SMA Solar Inverter is committed to driving Australia’s transition to clean, renewable energy for a sustainable future for generations to come. With its German engineering and design, SMA Solar Inverter is the chosen inverter brand for the Australian solar market. SMA began its operations in Australia in 2007 and with over half a million products already installed across Australia, has more products installed and more experience than any competitor. SMA is one of the most recognised names in the renewable energy sector and its products are very popular in Australian home and commercial solar power installations.

SMA Inverter Features

  • Quality construction and designed in Germany 
  • High conversion efficiencies.
  • Solid warranties, rapid turnaround and low warranty claims.
  • Robust – perfect for Australia’s often harsh conditions.
  • Monitoring capabilities with infinite options for analysing data and visualizing yields.
  • Excellent after sales service and support

SMA Solar inverter we offer….

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter Range:
1.5kW – 5kW Single Phase

  • German technology, made in China
  • 100% ease and comfort with sunny boy
  • Small, light and future-proof, compact and lightweight design (<16)
  • Easy commissioning and monitoring
  • Investment security included
  • Integrated webserver, WLAN and speedwire interface with webconnect functionality for easy commissioning and monitoring

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SMA Single Phase Solar Inverter

SMA Three Phase Solar Inverter

SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter Range:
5.0kW – 9.0kW Three Phase

  • Made in Germany
  • Efficient: maximum efficiency of 98.4 %
  • Safe: DC surge arrester (SPD type II) can be integrated
  • Flexible: optional display
  • DC input voltage of up to 1,000V
  • Multistring capability for optimum system design
  • Innovative: cutting-edge grid management functions with Integrated plant control
  • Reactive power available 24/7 (QonDemand24/7)

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  • Which is the best inverter for home use?

    SMA solar inverter is considered as one of the best inverters for home use. SMA has 38 years of experience in solar industry, making it the world’s longest servicing solar inverter manufacturer. 100% of SMA solar inverters are comprehensively tested before leaving the factory to ensure reliable operation for the life of the solar inverter.

    SMA solar inverter are available in Single Phase (Sunny Boy), Three Phase (STP) and Hybrid (Storage Inverter) and the inverter capacity ranges from 3kW to 150kW with the standard warranty starting from 5 years. All these features make SMA solar inverter an inevitable choice for your solar system installation at your home or office. SMA solar inverter has been rated 4.5 Stars out of 5 by independent review platform in Australia.

  • Where are SMA inverters made?

    SMA is a German company founded in 1981, is generally considered to be among the top two inverter manufacturers in the world in terms of quality and reliability. They have manufacturing facility in both Germany and China. With its German engineering and design, SMA solar inverter is the chosen inverter brand for the Australian solar market. SMA solar inverters have a strong local presence in Australia in the rare event you experience an issue requiring warranty support.

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