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Downloan Technical Datasheet
  • GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (002506 Shenzhen Stock) (GCL System) is part of GOLDEN CONCORD Group (GCL) which is an international energy company specializing in clean and sustainable power production.
  • The group, founded in 1990 now employees 30,000 people. GCL supplies 29.1% total worldwide wafer capacity yield, represents 22.2% silicon market shares, and owns global assets worth nearly 18.8 billion USD.
  • With over 4 GW module shipment output in 2016, GCL System is committed to becoming the world leading solar energy company.
  • Based on a fully-integrated Vertical PV industrial chain capacity operation, GCL System establishes its business foundation on the development of a state of the art solar solutions package which incorporates DESIGN-PRODUCT-SERVICE.
  • The company prioritizes its investments on leading edge technology and strategic talent cultivation. With multiple solar projects successfully operated and executed, GCL System has proven capability to foster the growth of integrated energy systems with installers, developers, and distributors, making them a significant key player in the PV sector.

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GCL Solar Panels

Our 6.48kW GCL Solar Panels
Special Deal:

  • 24 x 270W GCL Solar Panels
  • 1 x 5.0kW Goodwe Inverter ( inbult Wi-Fi )
  • Installation Work by CEC Accredited Installers.

GCL Solar Panels Key Features:

  • High conversion efficiency due to top quality wafer and advanced cell technology.
  • PID and snail trails free.
  • Highly resistant to sand, acid, and alkali.
  • Optimized system performance by module level current sorting.
  • Excellent performance under low irradiance.
  • Additional yield and easy maintenance with high transparent self-cleaning glass.
  • Withstand up to 1500V system voltage, effectively reduce BOS cost.
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