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CEC-certified Residential 3kW Solar
System For Small Families

Our 3kW solar panel system is suitable for small homes that have limited power requirements but need a reliable source of electrical power. Known for reliability, performance and efficient output, this Solar Panel System provides uninterrupted power output up to 3kW owing to 12 high-quality solar panels and 3kW inverter. Tested, approved and certified by CEC, this 3kW solar system is being used by hundreds of homes in Queensland, Victoria and all over Australia and is recommended by CEC-accredited electricians, engineers and technicians.

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Salient Features of 3kW Solar Panel System

  • CEC-certified Solar System for Homes
  • Installation & Testing by CEC-accredited electricians for efficient performance
  • High-quality solar panels, inverters and accompanying components for hassle-free operations
  • Weather-resilient system without chances of electrical outages
  • Complete solar panel installation and maintenance support in Queensland

Technical Specifications

  • Solar Panels: 12x270 Watt High-quality Solar Panels (Tier-I)
  • Inverter: 3 kW inverter manufactured by reputed companies & recommended by CEC-accredited technicians
  • Mounting & Electrical Kits: Mounting & Electrical kits as per Australian Standards

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Excellent Warranty Coverage

  • 10 Years Panel Product Warranty
  • 25 Years Panel Performance Warranty
  • 05 Years Inverter Manufacturing Warranty
  • • Extended Warranty Packages Available on-Demand

3kW Solar Panel Brands We Offer

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